Doctor Who fans praise THIS scene as the 'most impressive performance' in the show's history

 The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) photographed standing back-to-back inside the TARDIS in Doctor Who season 14.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) photographed standing back-to-back inside the TARDIS in Doctor Who season 14.

Doctor Who fans have high praise for Ncuti Gatwa in his role of the Doctor after the latest episode showed the actor in some powerful scenes.

Dot and Bubble aired on Saturday 1st June at midnight on BBC iPlayer and was a Black Mirror-esque take on society, with Callie Cooke appearing as Lindy Pepper-Bean.

Fans were impressed by the dramatic episode, with some calling it 'better Black Mirror than some Black Mirror eps' - praising Ncuti's performance in particular.

'I really haven’t loved Doctor Who this much in YEARS. Yknow how great this feels?'

While another replied, 'Devil’s Chord, Boom, 73 Yards, and Dot and Bubble have been one of the greatest runs of consecutive episodes in a while,' dispelling previous concerns that pairing 73 yards and Dot and Bubble shouldn't have been back to back.

And another replied, 'I’m so glad I’m not alone. I feel like I’ve got my show back.'

And another wrote, 'I've been off and on since Capaldi but this feels so new and refreshing in a way that feels like some of the best classic Who.

'Strong horror influences, each ep would stand well in it's own genre of scary, Dot and Bubble was better Black Mirror than some Black Mirror eps.'

And another wrote, 'Yeah it's odd how for me personally I felt as though it was a low start middle of the road sort of thing but the last three episodes have blown me away.'

Meanwhile, another Doctor Who fan wrote, 'In one short scene, Ncuti Gatwa managed to deliver what is quite possibly the most impressive performance any actor has ever given as the Doctor in the first full episode they shot.'

To which another fan replied, 'I feel like we were falsely promised Ncuti's era would be fun and less dark but these last 3 episodes have been some of the most deep dark and thought provoking episodes of Doctor Who in a long while.'

To which another replied, 'ncuti’s performance is breathtaking but i also love millie’s performance, the way she doesn’t really know what to say or do and tries to comfort him as his friend but knows it’s futile. it’s subtle and well done.'

While another wrote, 'The fact that I've heard multiple people say this was his first scene shot for the entire season makes it even more impressive.'

Meanwhile another said of the powerful episode, 'This Doctor Who Episode is incredibly powerful showcasing the anger & pain many of us feel towards people who would rather be destroyed than stop being hatful. As a Black Trans girl I feel this pain x3 with racism,transphobia, and sexism.'

You can tune into the next episode of Doctor Who on BBC One, Saturday 8th June.