Doctor Who fans share theories after The Legend of Ruby Sunday leaves viewers with 'SO many questions'

 Doctor Who: Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) sits on her mum's bed, with an open shoebox in front of her. Ruby is clutching something from inside the box to her chest, as her mother Carla (Michelle Greenidge) - visible in the foreground but out of focus - is talking to her.
Credit: BBC Studios/Bad Wolf

Doctor Who fans have been impressed by the latest instalment of the show, despite it throwing up 'SO many questions'.

In the latest episode of the hit BBC show, 'The Legend Of Ruby Sunday' which aired on Saturday 15th June, we learned more about the story behind the mysterious woman who has been appearing with the Doctor and Ruby all through this season’s adventures, Susan Twist.

The episode was well received by viewers, who said watching it had got them excited for the season finale. 'The Legend Of Ruby Sunday: RTD is an absolute and no pun intended, God send!' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

'The way that serials, Nu Who and this season interconnect is amazingly done. Every single theory us fans have had was mentioned in this episode! The finale is going to be awesome!!!!'

While another said, 'The Legend of Ruby Sunday has tension unlike any episode of Doctor Who I've seen in a while, giving us another eerie yet entertaining Part 1 in a classic RTD-style finale that I've always loved. Still mad I got it spoiled, but keen to see how it ends!'

And another wrote, giving their preditction for next week's episode, 'Right. Prediction for next week's #DoctorWho. With all this Susan noise over Sutekh put in, I’d have one final scene. As The Doctor and Ruby leave in the Tardis, there is a crowd seeing them off. At the edge of a crowd, an old woman watches.

They contined, 'As the Tardis departs she whispers, “I love you, grandfather,” and she turns to the camera. It is a very old Susan (still played by Carole Ann Ford). She glances at her hand, where we see the start of the regeneration glow. She smiles. Cut to black. That’s how I’d do it, anyway.'

While another wrote, 'There are SO many questions. How was Susan in all those places in time? Who's Ruby's mum? Why does it keep snowing? How long has Sutekh been around the TARDIS and how did he get there? Who's Mrs Flood? So much that needs to be answered in 45 minutes.'

Doctor Who continues next Saturday 23rd June on BBC1