Doctor lists foods that will make you age much quicker

Woman looking at her wrinkles
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A health expert has issued a stark warning about certain foods that could accelerate the rate you age. Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for overall health, as what we consume aids our body in delivering blood, oxygen, and nutrients to cells.

On a recent instalment of ZOE Health, host Jonathan Wolf discussed with Dr William Li, a physician and scientist, the importance of caring for every tube in our body to decelerate aging. Dr Li, an expert on blood vessels and preventative health, has authored numerous papers on the subject.

The specialist highlighted that there are specific foods we should avoid because they can 'damage' our blood vessels, leading to our bodies aging faster. Ensuring the health of your blood vessels is vital to lowering the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues.

Dr Li advises against consuming greasy, fatty, and processed foods, along with saturated fats, red meat, alcohol, and sugar. Overindulgence in these can lead to complications, as they congest your bloodstream and elevate the risk of hypertension.

"High blood pressure is a silent killer. It sneaks up on you. It can exist and you don't even know it. You don't feel it until it becomes catastrophic," he cautioned.

High blood pressure can exert strain on your blood vessels, heart, and vital organs such as the brain, kidneys, and eyes. Persistent high blood pressure can increase the risk of several serious and potentially fatal health conditions.

Dr Li suggests that consuming healthy foods can aid in maintaining, protecting, regenerating, and renewing the inner lining of your blood vessels. He stated: "Foods can actually help you maintain that youthful elasticity of the blood vessels.

"Harmful foods can cause it to clog up. There is clearly value for longevity, for resiliency throughout your aging process for eating healthier foods. And likewise, if you nurture an unhealthy lifestyle.

"Just like our skin renews itself and our hair for most people renews itself, which is why we need a haircut. And the skin sheds, which is why people have dandruff. There's a renewal of the blood vessels.

"If you eat foods, lots of foods that actually have healthy bioactive, natural chemicals that can stimulate regeneration." As an example, the doctor mentioned anthocyanins, found in dark chocolate and blueberries, which can assist in renewing and replacing old damaged liner cells in your blood vessels.

In addition to fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, Dr Li advises increasing your intake of omega-3, describing it as "a very healthy" type of fat. "Diet, by the way, is only part of the equation," he added.

"There are other things like regular physical activity. That's helpful, it gets the blood, your juices flowing, literally. Gets your blood flowing. That's important for reversing heart disease of stress and lowering stress. And sleep."