Doctor warns people with common red flag to stop taking pill immediately

-Credit: (Image: Getty)

An NHS GP and A&E doctor has issued an urgent warning to women who are taking the contraceptive pill. Taking to TikTok, Dr Sooj (MBBS BSc MRCGP) - also known as @doctorsooj on TikTok - said it's "really important" to stop taking the pill if you start to get a migraine, specifying that it will occur with aura - a warning sign that acts as a precursor.

Not only should you stop taking it as soon as possible, you should seek advice from your GP explaining the symptoms you get. In his video, the expert warns: "if you are a female and you’re on a type of combined hormonal contraception - so this might mean the combined pill, a patch or even a vaginal ring, and you have ever had a migraine with aura, you need to stop taking those contraceptives and go and see a doctor as soon as possible."

He explains "a migraine is a type of headache that is usually affects one side of your head. It can increase sensitivity to sound and light and it can make you nauseated and vomit" however a migraine with aura is different. He explains this is "where you have changes in your field of vision that can last up to an hour before the migraine starts.

"It usually resolves at the point of which the migraine headache begins so you could have zigzag flashing lights at the periphery of your vision, you might lose half of a field division, you might even have difficulty finding the right words and you might have pins and needles down one of the body. You can even get tunnel vision."

He explains that tunnel vision is what happens when you can only see down the centre, saying "it looks like you’re looking through a tube and you lose all of this peripheral vision." Warning people again, he stresses: "It’s so important that you don’t take any combined hormonal contraceptives if you have migraines with aura because there is a massive increased risk of having a stroke.

"For example, if you are on a combined pill and you have had a migraine with aura, the risks of a stroke far out weight the benefits from the contraception because we have alternative contraceptives that you can use.

"This is even relevant even if you last had a migraine with aura more than five years ago. The risk is still there and smoking, obesity, being older and even high blood pressure can all increase the risk of having a stroke."