5 TV Crossovers We’d Love to Watch: Doctor Who, Modern Family, Community, Buffy & Sherlock


We all love crossovers. There’s just something really enjoyable about watching our favourite characters from different shows interact with one another; that’s why the perennial Arrow and The Flash crossover is so successful each year.

But those shows are spinoffs of one another anyway - what about programs that aren’t related to one another? What then?

Here I’ve picked out five TV crossovers that I’d love to watch… but what do you think? Let me know in the comments which crossovers you want to watch!

The Middle / Modern Family


It’s an obvious choice, here; ABC’s two longest running family sitcoms, each revolving around their own slightly dysfunctional family - the Heck’s and the Dunphys. (Or rather, Dunphy-Pritchett-Tuckers).

There’d be an interesting juxtaposition here because, despite thematic similarities - both place a lot of important on family, as you’d be able to guess - the experience of family life depicted within is very different. Where The Middle shows a more traditional nuclear family, Modern Family has a much more diverse and irregular… modern family. There’s likely a lot of mileage for comedy there, and it’d be great to see these characters interact.

Fun fact: Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy) and Patricia Heaton (Frankie Heck) have consecutive birthdays.

Doctor Who / Star Trek


These are two sci-fi greats who, frankly, deserve to have a crossover. Sure, we’ve had comic stories, like the ones pictured above, but we’ve never seen them together on the silver screen.

And now we have a golden opportunity for this. For the first time since 2005 (when, incidentally, Russell T Davies wanted to do a crossover with Star Trek: Enterprise!) we’re going to have Doctor Who and Star Trek airing at the same time - Bryan Fuller’s new series begins in 2017, and Chris Chibnall will be taking up the reigns on Doctor Who in 2018.

I’ve already speculated about what Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek would look like - perhaps there’s room for a Doctor Who crossover too? After all, he is a fan…

Community / Arrested Development


When you think about it, these two shows really aren’t that different. Both unappreciated by the masses, yet with the help of a loyal and devoted fanbase, they were saved from the brink of cancellation, and found new life on an online streaming platform.

And, of course, they’re very funny. That’s why fans are already inclined towards mash-ups…

With the Russo brothers having worked on both programs, it’s not wholly out of the question for these two shows to crossover - maybe George Michael and Maeby could enroll at Greendale Community College? Or perhaps the Hawthornes and the Bluths are longtime rivals? The possibilities present themselves.

Supernatural / Buffy the Vampire-Slayer


Again, this is another one that just makes sense. Buffy was a trailblazer, which redefined what horror and supernatural programs could do; Supernatural has followed in its wake, providing reliable and consistent thrills and scares each week for over ten years now.

You can easily imagine the strong personalities of the Hunters and the Scooby Gang contrasting well with one another; there’d obviously be some friction over how to tackle the monster of the week, but no doubt they’d eventually manage to co-operate and reach an understanding - all while dusting vampires, of course.

Sherlock / Hannibal


The world’s greatest consulting detective, and the only criminal who could ever be his match. It’d be a battle of wits like we’ve never seen before - with Moriarty dead, Hannibal is perhaps one of the few remaining foes Sherlock might find… interesting.

It’d be electric to watch on screen, of course; the actors involved in both television shows are of a truly magnificent calibre, and with both shows being adapted from novels, there’s a huge amount of material to draw from in this instance.

So, then, those are the five crossovers I’d like to see - all of them, I’m sure you’d agree, would make for magnificent stories.

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