Doctor Who: Number Of Episodes To Be Halved Next Year

The number of episodes of Doctor Who is reportedly set to be halved next year to allow Peter Capaldi, who plays the Time Lord, to explore other projects.

According to The Mirror, the BBC wanted to create more than the usual 12 episodes in a series, but Peter wants time for other projects.

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The actor apparently told bosses that ‘working harder was not on’, both for him and the ‘exhausted’ crew.

The Mirror reports that he said: “If you did the series all year there’d be casualties – and one would be its quality,” he said.

“There’s a point where you can’t drive people any harder.”

There will, though, be a Christmas special to make up for fewer episodes.

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Peter added: “Playing the Doctor takes up so much time. It doesn’t leave much room for other things.”

However, Steven Moffat has insisted that the actor is here to stay, telling Variety: “Peter Capaldi is going nowhere.”

“And I think we can go past that. It’s television’s own legend. It will just keep going.”

Peter, who’s directing two episodes of US TV show Veep and a film (loosely) based on his time in The Dreamboys (a punk band, not THOSE Dreamboys), will be losing his companion before the end of the year.


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Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald, will leave the show before the Christmas special.

Teasing Clara’s exit, Steven said: “Clara is gone and will never return.

“I can only say that what will happen will shock, surprise and terrify. Strictly in that order.”

We’re not ready.