Dodgers TV host suffers seven broken bones going down park slide live on air

Dodgers TV host suffers seven broken bones going down park slide live on air

Dodgers TV host David Vassegh suffered seven broken bones after going down a park slide live on air.

The baseball broadcaster hurtled down Bernie’s Slide at American Family Field before the game between the LA Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Mr Vassegh had supposedly discussed going down the slide for several days ahead of the game. He ended up with a fractured wrist and six broken ribs, according to CBS News.

During Wednesday night’s game, SportsNet LA Dodger host Joe Davis said: “I’ve never heard somebody so excited about doing anything, and David did do it today.”

Video from the ride down the slide shows Mr Vassegh repeatedly shouting “holy crap!” as he flies down, finally colliding with a wall at the bottom and beginning to curl up in pain. noted it was Mr Vassegh’s second ride down Bernie’s slide. The incident prompted roars of laughter from Mr Davis and fellow broadcast Nomar Garciaparra.

“Hi, guys!” Mr Vassegh said as he appeared on the field later with his wrist in a cast, thanking Justin Turner, Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger as well as the Dodgers staff for helping him before he could get to a hospital.

He later said his “skinny fat body can’t handle it”, according to CBS.

The Dodgers players and social media team made light of the incident on their accounts. Mr Vassegh also tweeted about the mishap.

T-shirts of Mr Vassegh and his wrist cast were quickly available.

Los Angeles catcher Austin Barnes told Mr Vassegh that the team “rallied for you” after their 2-1 win.

The Dodgers hope to end the series against the Brewers on Thursday afternoon.