A dog and a ferret which are inseparable BEST FRIENDS have been described as a 'real life Disney movie'

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A dog and a ferret which are inseparable best friends have been described as a 'real life Disney movie' - sharing their food and going for walks in the park.

Mother-of-three Leanne Cochran, 39, described her home as a 'madhouse' - and said the unlikely friendship reminded her of Disney classic the Fox and the Hound.

When she brought home pet ferret Onion in August, the critter immediately cuddled up with Bea, a Staffy-German Shepherd cross.

Onion, aged six months, lovingly grooms her pal, and the 18-month-old pooch loves to play - but gives her a whack if she takes it too far.

Despite the size difference, the pair behave 'as though they are in a restaurant' - sharing their meals, and even go on walks to the park together, as well as snoozing on the sofa.

Chef Leanne also has two cats, five chickens and a rabbit, at her house in Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire, and hopes to get a pair of micro pigs.

Leanne said: "It's like the Fox and Hound Disney movie.

"They do everything together. 

"They sleep together, eat together, play together, they even go on walks to the park together. 

"They're like two peas in a pod. 

"They've always been together from the day we brought Onion home. 

"We got Onion from a family of ten, and I think she was missing her family, so went and laid next to Bea. 

"It's so unique, it's just the two of them always together. 

"I think they're both friends because they are both crazy. 

"Onion likes to cuddle, and Bea is big and cuddly. 

"The cats are a bit wary of Onion, as she chases them about. 

"If she ever annoys Bea, she gets a paw to the head. 

"The cats are also a bit strange about Bea and can run away from her, so maybe the two bonded over not getting along with the other pets.

"Onion lies next to Bea and yanks all her hair out - which can be a pain, as there's always a big line of Bea's hair everywhere. 

"They also like to try each other's food, like they are at a restaurant.

"It's a madhouse this place, although I am looking to add two micro pigs to the family."