Dog picks up special skill in bid to find her forever home

A deaf dog has "really blossomed" after learning a special skill to make her life much easier.

American Bulldog Skye is being cared for at Dogs Trust Merseyside having waited years to find her forever home. The four-year-old arrived at the Huyton-based rehoming centre in August 2021 after her owners could no longer care for her.

The world can be an overwhelming place for dogs needing to be rehomed, but the challenge is made even harder for Skye who has been deaf all her life. But the resilient canine has adapted to her disability and picked up a handy skill to make sure she understands her human companions.

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Since arriving at the centre, Skye has become an expert at understanding sign language to compensate for her lack of hearing. She is still able to perform basic commands like sit and stay with certain gestures making it crystal clear what she's being asked to do.

Georgina Lowery, manager at Dogs Trust Merseyside, said: “Poor Skye has had so many ups and downs in her short life and she has spent most of it in our care. She was very frightened initially, but she has really blossomed. The dog who was afraid of everybody now has so many friends she doesn't know what to do with them!”

Skye picked up her new skill through her volunteer foster family who showered the pup with lots of home comforts whilst she recovered from a round of cruciate surgery on both her legs. The American Bulldog proved to be a quick learner, understanding signs for sit, lie down, paw, touch, turn around and stay. A thumbs-up sign and tasty treats are her rewards for doing well, which the team say she always does.

Skye is thought to have been born deaf but has learnt to understand sign language
Skye is thought to have been born deaf but has learnt to understand sign language -Credit:Dogs Trust Merseyside

Georgina added: “Skye is generally a much happier and more settled dog now. She has shown that she is very clever and her deafness doesn’t define her in any way.

"She loves to go out on a walk, relax in the garden and is really affectionate. She doesn’t sometimes realise that she’s quite big, as she likes to try and snuggle on your lap!

“Every dog needs an environment that suits them, and that’s no different for Skye, but we really hope her deafness doesn’t put people off as it doesn’t stop her loving life and enjoying everything a hearing dog enjoys. She simply needs a predictable home environment, so no children or other pets, and understanding owners who will give her the love and devotion she deserves, and that we know from first-hand experience, she will return to her new owners.”

If you think you can give Skye the home she needs, please go to

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