Doja Cat hits out at 'Stranger Things' star Noah Schnapp for sharing private messages

Doja Cat criticised Noah Schnapp for sharing their private messages online. (Getty/Netflix)
Doja Cat criticised Noah Schnapp for sharing their private messages online. (Getty/Netflix)

Doja Cat has hit out at Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp after he apparently shared their private messages on social media.

The 'Kiss Me More' singer had messaged 17-year-old Schnapp - who stars as Will in the Netflix hit – and expressed an interest in his co-star Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie.

“Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu (hit me up),” she asked, before adding: “Wait no. Does he have a gf (girlfriend)?”

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Schnapp went on to share the exchange on TikTok.

Doja has now responded in an Instagram livestream, in which she said the teen was “socially unaware and whack” to share private messages and called it “borderline snake s***”.

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 05: Noah Schnapp participates in
Doja Cat said what Noah Schnapp did was 'socially unaware'. (Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

However, she also reminded fans of how young Schnapp is, saying when you are young you make mistakes.

“I think that... to be fair, first let's try to be chill about it,” she said.

“To be fair this is like, a kid, Noah is like I don't even know how old he is, but he's not even over... there's no way he's over 21.

STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley, Joe Keery as Steve Harrington and Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Doja Cat expressed an interest in Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie. (Netflix)

“When you’re that young, you make mistakes. You do dumb s***. I’m like, trying to be super fair. You do dumb s***, you say dumb s***, you f****** f*** up relationships with people.

"You make mistakes.”

Doja, 26, said she made her share of mistakes and that “you’re supposed to so that you know you’re not to do that in the future”.

Noah Schnapp is Will Byers. (Netflix)
Noah Schnapp is Will Byers in the hit show. (Netflix)

“But the fact that Noah did that, like went and posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably socially unaware and whack,” she went on.

“That's like borderline snake s***, that's like weasel s***."

Doja Cat arrives to attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. May 15, 2022. REUTERS/Steve Marcus
Doja Cat was not impressed. (REUTERS/Steve Marcus)

“And I'm not saying that that encapsulates his entire personality - like I don’t imagine Noah that way," she added.

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Schnapp has yet to comment on Doja's remarks.

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