'Stranger Things' spin-offs - everything we know so far

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STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and Matthew Modine as Dr. Martin Brenner in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Stranger Things has new projects on the horizon. (Netflix)

If you're already missing Stranger Things after the dramatic end to season four, you'll be pleased to know that the fifth and final season is not the only new instalment left to look forward to.

The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer) have announced a new production company, Upside Down Pictures, which will launch further stories from the world of the Hawkins teens on Netflix.

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Named after the creepy alternate world that torments the characters in their sci-fi hit, the company will produce two new Stranger Things-related projects, as well as some entirely separate series.

Here's everything we know so far.

Is there a Stranger Things spin-off series?

There have been rumours swirling of a Stranger Things spin-off series for a while now, with The Duffer Brothers hinting at what it could be about in interviews for season four.

Now, the Netflix announcement about their new production company has confirmed that the spin-off series is definitely going ahead.

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It's said to be "based on an original idea" from the creators and set in the same sort of world, but it doesn't sound like we'll be welcoming back too many of the main Hawkins crew.

The Duffers recently told the Happy Sad Confused podcast: "It’s not following (the main series)…I’ve read these rumours that there’s gonna be an Eleven spinoff, that there’s gonna be a Steve and Dustin spinoff or that it’s another number.

"That’s not interesting to me because we’ve done all that. We’ve spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all of that. So it’s very different."

They added that it was "1000% different" to Stranger Things, that it would even be surprising to Netflix, and that they were looking for the "right person to pass the baton to while we go on to do new stuff".

Are there any other Stranger Things projects coming up?

Yes - interestingly, the Upside Down Pictures announcement includes the news that fans can look forward to a stage play spin-off.

The announcement of projects being made by the production company lists: "A new stage play set within the world and mythology of Stranger Things, produced by prolific and multi award-winning producers Sonia Friedman, Stephen Daldry (The Crown, Billy Elliot, The Reader), and Netflix. Daldry will also direct."

Is there a season five of Stranger Things?

The great news for Stranger Things fans is that it's been confirmed that season five will go ahead - although sadly, it will be the last instalment.

As viewers will know, there were plenty of loose ends left untied at the end of season four, including whether Max would recover in hospital, whether all of the characters would stay in Hawkins, and whether Nancy would choose to stay with Jonathan or go back to Steve.

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The Duffer Brothers explained to the Happy Sad Confused podcast that because season five would land in the middle of that story, rather than setting the scene of what's going on for each character, the episodes wouldn't be so lengthy.

Matt said: "For the first time ever we don’t wrap things up at the end of [season] 4, so it’s going to be moving. I don’t know that it’s going to be going 100 miles an hour at the start of 5, but it’s going to be moving pretty fast. Characters are already going to be in action. They’re already going to have a goal and a drive, and I think that’s going to carve out at least a couple hours and make this [final] season feel really different."

What else will The Duffer Brothers make for Netflix?

According to The Duffer Brothers, Upside Down Pictures will “aim to create the kind of stories that inspired the Duffers growing up - stories that take place at that beautiful crossroads where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, where big spectacle co-exists with intimate character work, where heart wins out over cynicism.”

They've already got some exciting titles lined up, including a live action TV adaptation of renowned Japanese manga and anime series Death Note.

Matt and Ross Duffer have spoken previously about being huge Stephen King fans, even saying that many of their ideas for Stranger Things were taken from their unsuccessful pitch to make the recent IT film adaptation, and they're now getting to adapt a series from the horror king's work.

One of the projects announced was a series adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub‘s The Talisman to be made alongside Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Paramount Television.

We're expecting many more titles to be announced in the coming months.

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