Don’t use hosepipes, gardeners urged as water demand surges

John Dunne

Gardeners are being urged to avoid using sprinklers in the evening as dry weather and the lockdown continue to drive demand for water.

The call by industry body Water UK comes after what is expected to be the driest May for England since 1896, with official figures being published by the Met Office later today.

Forecasters say the weekend’s sunny weather, which saw crowds flock to beaches and beauty spots ahead of lockdown restrictions being eased, will continue until midweek.

Water UK said there was no shortage of water, but everyone using more at the same time as they enjoy the sunny weather outdoors can lead to lower water pressure, which affects how well it flows out of taps.

Water companies have seen a huge rise in demand for water from households, particularly in the evenings, with use up 20 per cent and some areas seeing peak demand of up to 40 per cent above normal for the time of year.

Temperatures of 26C are predicted for London tomorrow.