Donald Glover Battles for Survival in ‘Bando Stone & The New World’ Movie Trailer

Donald Glover as both rapper and actor comically battles for his life in a post-apocalyptic world in the trailer for Bando Stone & The New World, his latest movie.

Actor-writer-producer Glover, in the role of Bando Stone, has to outrun gigantic animals and sci-fi lasers in a tropical Jurassic Island-like setting in the teaser trailer for the film that he directed and stars in, while his alter ego Childish Gambino produced the soundtrack.

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The former pop star Bando Stone, hardly battle-hardened to fend off bizarre sci-fi monsters, pairs up with a fellow survivor played by Jessica Allain, and her son. Asked at one point in the trailer if he can shoot, hunt, fish or set a trap, a breathless Glover, clearly having fun with this Bando Stone character, answers no.

“I can sing,” he insists proudly. “You’re useless,” Allain’s blank-faced character then replies with scorn. The trio can only move about the tropical island at night as he’s told by the son that’s when the monsters “come out.”

“A little creepy, but that’s fine,” Bando Stone responds rather unconvincingly.

An official synopsis for Bando Stone & The New World is not yet available, but Glover’s character goes up against a stable of creepy computer-generated animals in the movie. The trailer includes the track “Lithonia,” which will be released on July 2.

Bando Stone & The New World was written by Evi Wilder, and is produced by RCA Records and Childish Gambino through Glover’s new production company, Gilga. No commercial release date is included along with the trailer.

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