Donald Trump improvised dire North Korea 'fire and fury' warning on the spot

Washington is ready to use “any appropriate measures” to defeat the growing threat from North Korea, according to one of President Donald Trump’s key aides.

Donald Trump’s aides were reportedly unaware that he was planning to deliver a chilling threat to North Korea during a press conference on Tuesday.

The press conference, which was originally called to discuss America’s opioid epidemic, saw the President delivering one of his boldest threats against Kim Jong-un’s regime to date.

‘North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen’, he claimed.

Now, The New York Times reports that while the President’s aides expected him to address the nuclear threat posed by the secretive hermit state, they did not anticipate the severity of his rhetoric.


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Donald Trump threatened North Korea with ‘fire and fury’ (Getty Images)

The report claimed: ‘During a conference call beforehand that focused on North Korea, Mr. Trump did not offer a preview of what he planned to say — and aides did not press the president, who resists being told what to say, even on a tinderbox issue that has induced his predecessors to seek the safety of a script.’

In response to the claims, however, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claims that Trump’s national security team were ‘well aware of the tone of the statement of the president prior to delivery’.

Mr Trump’s fiery rhetoric comes amid mounting tensions between the two countries.

Pyongyang this morning spelled out its intention to launch a volley of ballistic missiles towards Guam – the tiny US Pacific territory island which hosts 7,000 military personnel on two main bases and has a population of 160,000.