Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star defaced - again

Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame has been vandalised – for a second time.

The phrase “F–k Trump” has been splashed across the marble and brass emblem.


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The US president – who has been rendered dangerously unfit to lead the country by psychiatric professionals – received his star after he hosted The Apprentice US but it has been defaced TWICE in six months.

In late October, before Trump was elected, a man named Jamie Otis used a sledge hammer and a pickax and smashed the star, ripping out its brass inlays. He admitted to the vandalism and said it was an act of “civil disobedience” and “freedom of expression”. Otis said he originally planned to remove the entire star and auction it to raise money for the women who accused Trump of sexually assaulting them.

(Photo: David Mercer/PA Wire/PA Images)

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Otis was sentenced to three years of probation and 20 days of road maintenance work in February after he pleaded no contest to vandalism, and was also ordered to pay $3,700 to the Hollywood Historic Trust and $700 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Trump’s star is also the focal point for many anti-Trump demonstrations in LA. In contrast, the only other US president to have a star in Hollywood is former actor Ronald Reagan and it has managed to have a more peaceful reign on the Walk of Fame.