Donald Trump's state visit to the UK has been shelved

Theresa May offered a state invite to Trump (Picture: Getty)
Theresa May offered a state invite to Trump (Picture: Getty)

Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK has seemingly been cancelled, after the Queen failed to make any mention of it in her annual speech to Parliament.

As she addressed Parliament from a throne in the House of Lords, The Queen made reference to a state visit from the Spanish monarchy – but made no mention of a proposed visit by the US President.

Her speech usually mentions all planned state visits.

Theresa May initially extended the invitation to President Trump on behalf of the Queen during a visit to the White House in January.

During the US visit, the Prime Minister was seen holding hands with the then newly-inaugurated President and pledged to work alongside him.

But the invite came up against fierce backlash straight away with thousands of people marching in protest of it.

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Earlier this month, it was even claimed that President Trump reportedly told the Prime Minister in a phone call that he did not want the trip to go ahead if it was likely to cause widespread demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s speech also saw the Conservatives scrapping several toxic policies from their manifesto.

Among the expected changes was the scrapping of the so-called dementia tax, which was heavily criticised during election campaigning.

Theresa May’s plans for new grammar schools and a free vote on repealing the ban on fox hunting were also conspicuous by their absence.

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