Donald Tusk taunts 'Mr no-deal' Boris Johnson in latest Brexit warning

James Morris
Donald Tusk at a press conference in Biarritz, south-west France, on the first day of the annual G7 Summit: AFP/Getty Images

European Council president Donald Tusk has taunted Boris Johnson by reaffirming he will not co-operate on a no-deal Brexit and saying he hopes the Prime Minister doesn't go down in history as "Mr no-deal."

Speaking at the G7 summit on his meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Mr Tusk said: "He will be the third British Conservative Prime Minister with whom I will discuss Brexit.

"The EU was always open to co-operation when David Cameron wanted to avoid Brexit, when Theresa May wanted to avoid a no-deal Brexit, and we will also be ready now to hold serious talks with Prime Minister Johnson."

He warned: "One thing I will not co-operate on is no deal. I still hope that Prime Minster Johnson will not like to go down in history as 'Mr no-deal'.

"We are willing to listen to ideas that are operational, realistic and acceptable to all member states including Ireland, if and when the UK government is ready to put them on the table."

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