Donations flood in to help save the lives of pack of dogs, known as 'The Patna 13'

Pictured is one of the 13 dogs rescued, a Rottweiler bitch
Pictured is one of the 13 dogs rescued, a Rottweiler bitch -Credit:Islay Dog Rescue

A fundraising page set up to try to save the lives of a pack of dogs, known as ‘The Patna 13,’ has seen its donations target smashed.

Dog lovers donated in their droves to the GoFundMe page, set up earlier this week by Lorraine Jardine, who helps run Islay Dog Rescue, in Cumnock.

Yesterday, Ayrshire Live told how Lorraine put the spotlight on the dogs’ plight - and the page had, by yesterday afternoon, generated donations of nearly £4,000. Now it’s standing at more than £12,200, more than double the initial target of £5,000.

More than 600 people have already donated to the cause- with one generous lady donating £1,000 alone. Now it’s hoped that generosity can continue because the poor animals are in need of “significant care” and some 'may not make it.'

In her GoFundMe page Lorraine said: “Islay Dog Rescue were recently asked to come to the assistance of a few dogs who were in an unsuitable situation.

“When asked for help we agreed without question but their condition has rocked us back on our heels.

All of the rescued dogs need "significant care" according to Lorraine
All of the rescued dogs need "significant care" according to Lorraine -Credit:Islay Dog Rescue

“All of the dogs need significant care. Most need extensive dental work carried out. The longer haired dogs are incredibly matted and at least two may need veterinary intervention for us to even manage to get their mats off. There are 13 dogs in total. Our focus, as always, is the dogs. We are their voices, please hear us.

“Our aim is to save the lives of them all but its not guaranteed without significant veterinary support and anybody with animals knows this is very expensive.

“We are a small, independent rescue and this is a massive financial struggle for us. We set a target of £5,000 but anticipate bills reaching at least double that.”

Lorraine did provide an update as to the dogs' condition and fears some 'may not make it.'

She said on social media: "These dogs are in a horrifying condition. Some may not make it. The long haired dogs have the most horrendous mats you can begin to imagine. We have had a groomer here who donated a day's time. He carried out welfare grooms the best he could. A couple of the dogs will need anaesthesia to allow the remainder of the mats to be removed. Vet appointments are underway.

"The kennel staff and senior volunteers are immense. I could not be prouder of them. They are working SO hard and their compassion is humbling. Four dogs are in foster with very experienced rescuers, they are in safe hands.

"This will cost a fortune, let's not be shy about it. I've set a target of £5,000 but one dog for dental/vax/spay etc could easily be £1,000 alone so my £5,000 target is conservative to say the least. "

She added: "Please share the Go Fund Me and beg your friends to donate and share it too!"

If you can help go to

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