Passengers escape unhurt after bus has roof 'peeled open like bean can'

The double decker bus was driven into a railway bridge (SWNS)

A bus had its top deck “peeled open like a tin of beans” when the driver misjudged a railway bridge.

Incredibly, nobody was hurt after the incident in York on Thursday afternoon.

The driver of the double decker Reliance vehicle attempted to pass under a low bridge but misjudged the height - ripping its roof clean off.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed there were passengers on board the bus, including one man on the top deck, but all escaped unscathed.

The bus roof lies on the road after being ripped off passing under a low bridge (York Press/SWNS)

An eyewitness said: "He was up there and was incredibly lucky, or very short, I am not sure which.

"But yes, he came out unscathed - he just left.

"He said something to the effect that he did not have time for this, and he was just gone. It was crazy."

Investigations into the crash are ongoing.

The bus roof "peeled off" when its driver attempted to pass under a low bridge (York Press/SWNS)

Michael Hinton, who lives in York, was behind the bus when he witnessed the audacious attempt to pass under the bridge.

He told the York Press: “I had just picked up my bairns from the after-school club and was a couple of cars behind.

“I saw the double-decker bus and thought it was strange because they can't get under the bridge.

“True enough he just went through. He centred himself to go down the middle as they always do. He was going at normal speed. The roof just didn't make it.


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“It was like a can opener - it just peeled the top off and the bus carried on going through. There was glass everywhere. It made such a noise and a mess.”

Another nearby eyewitness who gave her name as Sarah, said: “I've just got home to a bus that has been peeled open like a can of beans. It's just chaos really.”

In a Tweet, Reliance Buses said: "Our staff are responding to the incident and we are working hard to establish the circumstances".

A spokesperson for the Ambulance Service said the bus driver was checked at the scene, but was not taken to hospital.

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