Parking mad! Council paint double yellow lines on narrow alleyway

Rebecca Lewis
Yahoo! News
Simon Reid with a toy car - one of the few vehicles which could fit in the narrow alleyway (SWNS)

Residents could risk a hefty fine if they park in this alleyway since council workers painted double yellow lines on the path - which is just four feet wide.

The tight parking restrictions in Swindon, Wiltshire, left locals bemused when the yellow markings appeared along the narrow 60ft long lane.

The narrow "road" has just 13 inches of space between the two sets of lines. It would struggle to accommodate a motorbike let alone a four-wheeled motor.

Nathalie Fisher, who lives near the alleyway off Newhill Street in central Swindon, said the lines were a "bit of a mystery".

She added: "You couldn't even fit a motorbike down it."

Hapless Swindon Borough Council have blamed the mistake on the contractors, saying the workers had somehow forgotten "just how big cars actually are".

The Council said the parking measure had been painted as part of an initiative to clamp down on illegal parking in alleyways.

A spokesperson said:  "It seems that our contractors forgot just how big cars actually are when they painted this one. We will be taking it up with them."

                                    [AA sorry for refusing to recover dead man's car]

Sales assistant Emma Stratford, 22, said: "When the bushes are overgrown you can hardly even walk down there so you wouldn't ever think to drive.

"It's all rather silly, we laughed at it but it has definitely been a waste of money."

Only the world's smallest car could fit down the road - the Peel P50, which is just 3ft 5ins wide.