Dozens of people flee in panic after hearing a "gunshot" in a UK McDonald’s

Shocking footage shows dozens of people fleeing in panic after hearing a "gunshot" in a packed McDonald’s in Manchester. Video shows a huge 30-people brawl break out at the restaurant near Manchester Piccadilly’s railway station on Friday (14/1) night. The 35-second clip shows a female police officer rush into the McDonald’s moments before a loud ‘bang’ is heard coming from inside the diner. Seconds later people are heard screaming and fleeing the scene. Eyewitness Jake Rogers, 22, who filmed the incident, said: “It was definitely a gunshot – everyone watching said the same thing. “As soon as we heard that we all ran away – I was genuinely scared for my safety. “I wanted to get away from there as soon as possible. “Several people were injured by punches being thrown and others were trampled during the brawl which must have involved more than 30 people. “After the gunshot sound I saw two police vans round the corner and stop outside the branch. “It was like something out of a Hollywood film. “I didn’t know what was going on, but I was really scared.” Filmed 14th Jan 2022.