The Dragons of ‘House of the Dragon,’ Explained

“House of the Dragon” doesn’t just expect you to keep the names and faces of a host of intermingled high-born families, but also a host of dragons.

Each dragon is distinct in size, color and even the shade of their fire but that’s still a lot to ask. Season 2 of the “Game of Thrones” prequel promised to introduce five new dragons to the many that were met in Season 1, so to keep them all straight we’ve got a rundown of the distinct physical features of the ones we’ve met and which Targaryen family member with which they’ve bonded.

Here’s everything you need to know about the dragons of “House of the Dragon.”


Rider: Rhaenyra Targaryen

Syrax is a yellow-scaled dragon who has only ever had Rhaenyra as a rider. She was claimed when the princess was only seven and was named Syrax after the Valyrian goddess.

Unlike most dragons which are born male, Syrax is one of the few living she-dragons. She’s still laying eggs and had a clutch not long before the Season 1 finale.


Rider: Daemon Targaryen

Caraxes – known by many as the Blood Wyrm – is a large red dragon ridden by the Rogue Prince Daemon Targaryen. Daemon claimed Caraxes as his mount after his first rider Prince Aemon was murdered.

Caraxes has a much more serpentine body than many of the other dragons seen in “House of the Dragon.”


Rider: Laena Velaryon (Deceased), Aemond Targaryen

Vhagar is an ancient dragon who was around during Aegon’s Conquest and ridden by Queen Visenya Targaryen. At the time, Vhagar was the smallest of the three dragons flown in the Conquest behind Balerion and Meraxes. By the time of “House of the Dragon,” she is one of the oldest and largest known dragons which earned her the nickname “Queen of All Dragons.”

The massive bronze she-dragon was first claimed in Season 1 by Daemon’s second wife Laena Velaryon, but that rider didn’t last long — Laena chose to be burned alive by Vhagar rather than die in childbirth.

He was later claimed by Aemond Targaryen and their bond – built on some shaky respect on the dragon’s part – led to a heightening of the civil war when Vhagar disobeyed Aemond and killed Prince Luke and his dragon Arrax after a visit to Storm’s End in the Season 1 finale.


Rider: Rhaenys Targaryen

Meleys, also known as the “Red Queen,” is a large crimson dragon ridden by Rhaenys Targaryen. Though not as old as Vhagar, Meleys is one of the older dragons in Westeros and in her youth was said to be the fastest.

Like Vhagar and Syrax, Meleys is a she-dragon.


Rider: Aegon II Targaryen

Sunfyre was a golden dragon whose scales were said to glisten in the sunlight and who was bonded to King Aegon II. According to Archmaester Gyldayn, Sunfyre was the most beautiful dragon in recorded history.


Rider: Unclaimed

Vermithor – also called the “Bronze Fury” – was ridden by Jaehaerys the Conciliator. He hasn’t been claimed since the Old King’s death and resides deep in the Dragonmont. Vermithor is mated to Silverwing who was ridden by Jaehaerys’ wife Queen Alysanne.


Rider: Baela Targaryen

Moondancer is a pale green dragon with white highlights. She’s flown by Daemon Targaryen’s daughter Baela. Moondancer was one of the younger adult dragons to fight in the Dance but her size made her quicker and more nimble than some of the others in the war.


Rider: Laenor Velaryon

Seasmoke is a silver-grey dragon who was hatched to Rhaenyra’s thought-dead first husband Laenor Velaryon. Both the dragon and rider participated in the War for the Stepstones before Seasmoke fought in the Dance.

When Laenor faked his death and escaped across the Narrow Sea, Seasmoke was left at Driftmark and remains there still. Dragons bond for life so while some are wondering when Seasmoke will bond with a new rider, it may not happen since Laenor isn’t dead.

Arrax (Deceased)

Rider: Lucerys Velaryon (Deceased)

Arrax was a young white dragon who was ridden by Lucerys Velaryon. Both he and his young rider were killed by Aemond Targaryen’s dragon Vhagar after a scuffle over Shipbreaker’s Bay where both dragons disobeyed their riders.

Arrax was the first dragon killed in the Dance of the Dragons.


Rider: Helaena Targaryen

Dreamfyre is a light blue dragon with silver markings. She bonded to Helaena Targaryen after Laena’s funeral on Driftmark but doesn’t get ridden much. A lot of her time is spent in the Dragonmont guarding various clutches of eggs.

It was one of Dreamfyre’s eggs that Rhaenyra chose for her sibling’s cradle before both the boy and mother died in childbirth. Daemon later stole the egg.


Rider: Jacaerys Velaryon

Vermax is a young green dragon with orange wings ridden by Jacaerys Velaryon.

Unseen Dragons

There are a number of dragons that were present for the civil war that we just haven’t seen yet in the show. They include:

  • Silverwing (adult)

  • Tessarion (adult)

  • Tyraxes (adult)

  • Stormcloud (hatchling)

  • Morghul (hatchling)

  • Shrykos (hatchling)

Wild Dragons

On top of the many dragons claimed by the Targaryens, there are three known wild dragons that are seen roaming Dragonstone and remain unclaimed by Season 2. They are:

  • Sheepstealer

  • The Cannibal

  • Grey Ghost

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