Dramatic moment Apple store thieves flee store with stolen goods in California

Nick Charity

Dramatic footage has emerged of a group of men as they caused mayhem in an Apple store, and seemingly sprinted away with stolen goods.

A video of the incident posted on social media shows six apparent thieves as they rushed into the busy shop in Santa Rosa, California, and made off with items from tables displaying Macbooks, iPhones and Apple Watches.

Further footage showed one of the suspects being wrestled to the ground by security guards as the others fled.

Twitter user Gooneryoda, who posted the video, wrote: "I was at the Santa Rosa Plaza and I saw these six guys in jeans and hoodies making a their way to the Apple Store.

"I knew something was about to go down so I recorded it."

Customers stood by and watched as a group of young men pulled an Apple store theft in broad daylight - sprinting away with a computer and other devices. (Twitter/Gooneryoda)

Other customers stood and watched as the men hoisted away a heavy iMac and pulled smaller products from the display tables.

One of the employees of the store is seen applauding them ironically as they make their escape.

A second video showed one of the young men being apprehended in another store at the same mall, where a man in plain clothes grabbed him in a headlock and wrestled him to the ground, and two security guards detained him in handcuffs.

"Your friends are gone," a customer can be heard saying.

The user who posted the video said: "He was the last one out of the Apple Store. His good friends left him behind."

Santa Rosa Police confirmed they were handling a theft from a local Apple store yesterday.

They said in a statement: "On Sunday, September 23, just after 1pm, several thieves entered the Apple Store at the Santa Rosa Plaza mall and ran away with multiple devices.

"The theft is currently being investigated by the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Property Crimes Investigative Team."

Apple Insider reported it is the latest in a "long line of similar robberies" in the state as thieves target the luxury devices, which typically range in the thousands of dollars per item.

Two crews carrying out such crimes have been arrested this year. In an earlier incident at the same store, thieves made off with $35,000 worth of products.