This dreamy footage of dolphins swimming in bluey-green clear waters in Wales will cheer your heart

Several dolphins have been spotted Cardigan Bay, splashing about in crystal clear bluey-green waters, and it looks like it was a magical experience for the people witnessing it. In a video posted to TikTok by Visit Wales, they can be seen splashing around, having a great time.

The footage, posted by Visit Wales one day ago, shows their experience on the dolphin spotting boat trip, with Newquay Boat Trips, and the Sea Watch Foundation - and it looks like it did not disappoint.

A small pod was spotted - and it looked like they swam right up to the boat. In one clip, two adorable dolphins are swimming close together as one pops out of the water, and in others, they are happily leaping out from the waves and are extremely close to the surface of the water. For the latest Welsh news delivered to your inbox sign up to our newsletter

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Responding to the video by @visitwales and @dolphinspottingboattrips on TikTok, one user commented: "This is incredible!! Still need to experience this." Another added: "Amazing." Someone else also commented on the video, in surprise: "This ain't the Wales I live in."

Woman filming dolphins swimming near boat
The dolphins swam close to the boat -Credit:Naomi Llewellyn
A view of Cardigan Bay
A view of Cardigan Bay, where the dolphins were swimming -Credit:Naomi Llewellyn
Dolphins swimming and splashing in the sea
The dolphins could be seen happily splashing around in the water -Credit:Naomi Llewellyn

The stunning Cardigan Bay in Pembrokeshire is actually home to the largest population of dolphins in Europe, with around 250 bottle nosed dolphins, according to Cardigan Bay Coast and Country. Bottlenose dolphins are present all year round, and the coastline between New Quay and Cardigan has always been noted for its incredible marine wildlife which also includes grey seals. During the summer months huge sun fish are also regular visitors.

It is possible to spot dolphins almost anywhere as you explore the beautiful coast of Cardigan Bay, but the best places to observe them include Cardigan Island Farm Park, the National Trust Beach at Mwnt, Yns Lochtyn at Llangrannog and New Quay. On average, dolphin groups tend to include around six in Cardigan Bay, although larger groups have been reported in Pen Llyn a'r Sarnau SAC in the north.

Dolphins in Cardigan Bay
They could be seen leaping and splashing in the water -Credit:Naomi Llewellyn
Dolphin in Caridgan Bay
One of the dolphins, which looks truly striking up close as it emerges from the water -Credit:Naomi Llewellyn

The Sea Watch Foundation notes on its website: "The dolphins live in what is known as a fission-fusion society. This is a fluid society structure where individuals may stay together for a few hours or a few days before splitting up and forming new groups, although there are some that form long-term associations.

"Adult bottlenose dolphins tend to associate preferentially with adults of the same sex, and in southern Cardigan Bay, we often encounter ‘nursery groups’ – groups of dolphins with multiple mother-calf pairs. Calves can be present all year around but the majority are born in the summer months between May and August. Gestation is approximately 12 months and calves stay with their mothers for an average of 3 years, although the record currently stands at 7 years for a young dolphin named Tigger who has only recently left his mum!"