Drink-driver crashed while fleeing cricket mob

Braich ended up swerving into Doncaster Road and crashing into an oncoming car
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A man who went out for a meal with friends and planned to get a taxi home changed his mind after seeing a large mob, some armed with cricket bats, out on the street in Belgrave, Leicester. The crowd in Melton Road began chanting in his direction and, after failing to hire an Uber, Amarveer Braich got behind the wheel of his VW Golf and drove off.

Leicester Magistrates' Court heard how the 32-year-old security guard drove away as the crowd flocked into the road, one person hitting his windscreen with a cricket bat and causing it to crack. A Leicestershire Police officer and a PCSO, worried about the way he was driving, weaving around on the road, both tried to wave him down but he did not stop.

Later, further up Melton Road, he illegally turned into one-way Doncaster Road, colliding with another car coming in the correct direction. He was arrested after he failed a roadside breath test and at a police station he gave a reading of 58 microgrammes of alcohol per 100ml of breath - the legal limit is 35 microgrammes.

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During the court hearing Braich pleaded guilty to drink-driving and failing to stop when directed to. The court heard the incident happened on Sunday, June 9, after India beat Pakistan by six runs in the T20 cricket.

Duncan Jefferson, representing Braich, of Peters Drive, Humberstone, Leicester, said: "It was after a cricket game in the T20 between India and Pakistan - there have been previous issues following those games in the past.

"My client had gone out with a group of friends for a meal and drinks. He intended to leave his motor vehicle there and get an Uber home.

"But when they came out there was a large, boisterous crowd, chanting and the group began to chant and shout towards him. A number of people were wielding cricket bats."

He said his client was only weaving around because so many people were in the road. He said: "He was trying to get out of the area because he was surrounded.

"The vehicle's windscreen was hit with a bat, cracking it. He accepts he saw the various officers but said he was still concerned for his safety and kept going."

He told the court Braich worked as a security guard at DPD in Hinckley but was likely to lose his job. The magistrates fined Braich £120, ordered him to pay £85 court costs and a £48 victim surcharge, and banned him from driving for 16 months.