Drivers to get £30 a week to 'give up' cars as 'hundreds already sign up'

Motorists are being encouraged to give up their vehicles through incentives as part of a new campaign launched by climate charity Possible.

The Going Car Free Challenge aims to demonstrate how drivers can manage their daily errands without depending on a car. It will start on June 1, running through until June 30, and participants stand the chance of winning prizes and benefits from Possible.

Speaking about the upcoming initiative, Izzy Romilly, from Possible, said: "A huge thank you to all of you who have helped spread the word about our Going Car Free Challenge. Hundreds of drivers have already signed up to take part - so thank you for any part you've played in making that happen.


"We have less than two weeks before the Going Car Free month starts, and we want to get as many drivers onboard as possible. Remember, participants do not have to go a full car-free month to take part.

"It's simply a case of switching up travel choices where possible, and we are on hand to offer support, guidance and incentives."

Replying to the announcement, one participant said: "I had a very positive experience... It wasn't too difficult.

"And you know, I took it as a real challenge. I've realised that my daily commuting and travelling is not too much, and I can definitely not use the car as much as I used to. 90 per cent of my travelling doesn't really require driving."

A second said: "It was easy, I really enjoyed it. Meeting people especially... If you walk, by saying good morning you start conversations... And sometimes walking or taking a bus is cheaper for me. Parking's very expensive so you are limited. Without a car, it's very flexible and convenient."

In the 2022 Car Free trial, people taking part saved up to £30 a week each. To enter the prize draw, you must sign up to the Going Car Free Challenge online before 24 June 2024. To get the best chance of winning, you can gain extra entries to the prize draw by completing our extra milestones (once you sign up, we'll send you more information about these).

Winners will be contacted by email before the end of July - so keep your eyes on your inbox.