Drivers could save £100 a year with 'simple hack'

Drivers could be pocketing nearly £100 a year by employing a "simple hack" to cut down on their fuel expenses, experts claim. Motorists are encouraged to improve their fuel efficiency by approximately seven per cent for both petrol and diesel vehicles with a "summer driving hack".

The advice given is to avoid using air conditioning and instead roll down the windows to save money. However, there's a catch for those travelling at speeds over 30mph; they're advised to keep the windows up and use the air con instead.

This is because when driving above 30mph, the use of air conditioning can be more economical due to the increased drag caused by having windows open. John Woosey, the Founder of Ripe Motorhome Insurance, has calculated that by following this tip, diesel vehicle owners could save £84.98 a year, while those with petrol cars could see annual savings of £97.30, reports Birmingham Live.

He said: "As soaring fuel prices continue to impact motorists across the UK, driving has never been more expensive, with miles spent on the road really adding up. But aside from taking fewer journeys, it's difficult to know how to drive more fuel efficiently day-to-day."

John added: "Simple hacks such as turning off your air conditioning when driving at slower speeds may seem like a small change, but it can really add up in the long run."

Meanwhile, automotive engineer Josh Regis pointed out: "Did you know that you burn more gas driving around with your windows down than driving around with your AC on?

"When you drive with your windows down at high speeds, it will create drag, which will cause your car to work more i.e. burn more gas. If it's above 50 mph, turn the AC on, but if it's below, roll the windows down."

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