New drivers face curfew under UK law to make roads safer

Traffic on a motorway.
Traffic on a motorway. -Credit:Steve Parsons/PA Wire

A new 'graduated' driving licence could impose a night curfew on some motorists in England, under proposals presented in the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (New Drivers) Bill. The legislation, already gaining favour with various motoring groups and specialists, suggests a night-time driving prohibition for novice drivers within their first six months of holding a licence.

The move has been endorsed by organisations such as the AA, the RAC, and Brake. The licences are also supported by the Association of British Insurers - and the Bill intends to reduce the fatalities among young drivers.

Spearhead of the plan, Kim Leadbeater, Batley and Spen MP, became aware of the importance of graduated driving licences after her encounter with Dr Ian Greenwood at Westminster. Dr Greenwood lost his 12-year-old daughter Alice in 2008, when another vehicle collided with the car her mother was driving. The 18-year-old driver of the second car, along with his 16-year-old passenger, also died in the collision.

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On BBC Radio Leeds, Dr Greenwood labelled his daughter "forever 12", reiterating that road misconduct can have terrible effects. He commended Ms Leadbeater's "amazing" efforts to draw attention to the issue, saying, "politicians haven't really been interested in road death - it's not something people want to talk about", reports Birmingham Live.

Ross Moorlock, the CEO of Brake, expressed gratitude for this development, saying: "We are thankful to Kim Leadbeater MP for presenting this Ten Minute Rule Bill which, if passed, could save the lives of all types of road users but especially those of young and new drivers. And a huge thank you must go to Dr Ian Greenwood, Sharron Huddleston and all those who form the Forget-me-not Families Uniting Group for their tireless campaigning to make our roads safer."

He added that Brake has been campaigning for years alongside Ian, Sharron and the other families for a Graduated Driving Licence to be brought in. He said hearing it read out in the Commons was a positive step forward.

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