Drivers are finding rubber ducks on their cars - and the reason why is surprising

People are finding rubber ducks on their Jeeps
People are finding rubber ducks on their Jeeps - but why? -Credit:@IronMarshmellow/X

Motorists across the UK are left puzzled as the peculiar trend of randomly finding rubber ducks on their cars is spotted more frequently. A social media craze seems to be behind the occurrence, particularly among Jeep owners, as evidenced in a viral post on social platform X, with quizzical Jeep owners sharing images of their vehicles adorned with the bath toys.

The viral post sparked an outpouring of comments and theories from the online community, with one user suggesting a risque connotation, "I heard it's a swinger signal," they jokingly shared. "Like the pineapple thing. I dunno. I have enough fun disappointing one woman. Couldn't imagine multiples."

However, the true reason behind the duck decor is much less scandalous. As one enlightened user explained, "If a jeepster sees another jeep that they like they put a duck on it. It's a club thing and apparently we aren't in it."

Another chimed in, stating, "We haven't given any out but we've been given 5 now. I think they like the lift and wheels. Idk."

Some have cheekily suggested that the seemingly innocent child's toy might be used by drivers for more dubious reasons, even hinting at it being a sort of mating signal. One individual remarked: "Some hottie told me she liked my ride and it needed a duck. So it stays on my centre console until someone steals it LOL", reports the Mirror.

The enigma surrounding the proliferation of ducks remains unsolved. The man who shared the original image, known online as @IronMarshmellow, summarised the most popular theories in response to the flurry of comments.

He noted: "Based of the replies. Top responses so far include it's a Jeep chick thing, it's a swinger thing, it's to compliment someone else's jeep for community building. Very contentious topic apparently."