Driver has miraculous escape after being impaled by a 2.5ft rod through his CHEST

A driver had a miraculous escape after he was impaled by a 2.5ft rod that went straight through his chest in a car accident.

Night shift worker Piyush Sundarva dozed off as he was driving home in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and swerved into a metal road divider.

The bars smashed through the car window and pierced the 26-year-old’s chest, coming out the other side beneath his armpit.

Despite his horror injuries, he was able to scream for help and an ambulance rushed to the scene. Passers by also helped and sliced the metal rod to separate it from the road divider.

Impaled – it took surgeons two-and-a-half hours to remove the rod and debris from Piyush’s chest (Pictures: SWNS)

Piyush was taken to hospital in Ahmedabad where he underwent two-and-a-half hours of surgery to remove the rod and debris from the crash from his chest.

He lost two fingers and suffered nine broken ribs and liver damage and was left with a hefty wound from the chest injury and subsequent surgery.

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Avdhut Kothari, deputy general manager of Shalby Muti Specialty Hospital, said: “Piyush was saved only because of the people who separated the rod from the divider.  

“His liver was partly damaged due to the overall shock of the accident. But he will be fine after treatment. We will allow the fractured bones to heal on their own.”

Stitches – Piyush has been left with a hefty wound after being impaled by the pole