Drivers who have 'stop' and 'start' button in car warned 'press it today'

Drivers are only just realising a button on a dashboard instantly slashes costs. Swansway Motor Group has asked: "Ever noticed a small button on your dashboard with a circular arrow or “A” symbol? This is often a feature called the engine auto start/stop function.

"Designed to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, this system automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, such as when waiting at a red light or stop sign. As soon as you lift your foot off the brake or press the accelerator, the engine restarts seamlessly."

The group added: "The feature can usually be turned on or off depending on the driver’s preference." Swansway Motor Group warned: "Dashboards are often full of buttons which mean very little to drivers, but motor experts Swansway Motor Group are alerting drivers of one small button which could save them plenty of fuel. Swansway explains that the small button on your dashboard with a small circular arrow or 'A' symbol is a feature called the engine auto stop/start function.

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"The button which helps improve fuel economy and reduce emissions automatically shuts down the engine when a vehicle reaches a complete stop, once your foot comes off the brake to move again the engine is reignited." They added: "With fuel prices rising the auto stop/start function is a little button with a big purpose.

"Drivers will benefit from saving fuel and reduce the negative emissions their vehicles produce which is good for everyone." It explained: "Automobile manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their vehicles and enhance the driving experience.

"As a result, cars come equipped with a variety of lesser-known features that can make your journey more enjoyable and convenient." The warning comes as the Cost of Living crisis continues up and down the UK.