Drivers warned to make 'three checks' today to save having to pay £440 before August

A cleaning expert has shared three common car parts that can cause serious issues if left dirty - with those heading out on the roads over summer urged to check them. Todd Bialazewski, founder of Sell My Car Online, has spoken out.

In a warning, Todd warned that proper car cleaning can help to improve ventilation to the engine and passenger compartment. He said in a message to drivers: "Remember that effective ventilation comes with a well-cleaned car. This way, we will be able to have cleaner air and, at the same time, we can ward off possible problems that come with ignoring such practices for our ventilation systems.

"Also, proper cleaning can enhance the performance of your car and can prevent potential issues that arise from neglect." The experts warned the grille and any exterior air vents the vehicle may have are crucial for cleaning - especially amid the rising temperatures.

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Cleaning air vents regularly can help drivers prevent grime from building up and blocking them. Sell My Car Online also advised that motorists regularly wash the seat tracks and rails inside the vehicle, which can get surprisingly dirty.

Road users should always remember to give the door seals and inner surrounds a clean each time they wash the exterior of their car, too. The average car AC repair cost is £440, with Kwik Fit warning: "It can cost anywhere between around £50 and £200 to get your air con regassed, depending on your system and where you get it done.

"Most cars in the UK use one of two types of refrigerant in their air con systems - R134A and R1234YF. This refrigerant gas is what keeps the whole system working and your air con blowing out cold air, so if you notice your air con isn’t doing what it should, it’s likely that your refrigerant needs refilling."