Drivers washing car outside their home face having to fork out £5,000

Drivers have been urged to avoid using a cheap product to wash car or face repairs of up to £5k. Drivers in England who are cleaning their car outside their homes this summer have been warned they could face having to fork out a staggering £5,000.

Darren Miller, motoring expert from highlighted that using washing up liquid on a vehicle could lead to serious issues with the paintwork and body. He explained: "Using washing-up liquid to clean cars is a common mistake that can lead to significant damage to the vehicle's paintwork.

"While effective for removing grease and food stains, the washing-up liquid contains salt, which can corrode the paint and leave the car vulnerable to environmental contaminants and UV damage." He added: "Repainting a car due to damage caused by washing-up liquid can be expensive, with potential costs reaching up to £5,000 for a family car.

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"To avoid this, car owners should invest in dedicated car care products designed to protect the paint and preserve the vehicle's value. Using the right products not only protects against damage but also helps maintain the car's appearance, ensuring it looks its best for years."

One driver responded to the warning by saying: "I had a red 205 GTI in the 80s kept it for over 10years washed it only with water (should have kept it) then is went the shine was still like new, saw it 6 months after I sold it and it looked awful the paint was flat and dead. That was the result of washing up liquid."

48 per cent of motorists have admitted to using washing-up liquid to clean their vehicles, with 56 per cent of people aged between 55 and 64 admitting to doing it. The research also found that 34 per cent of people use dishcloths and 12 per cent use scrubbing brushes to clean their cars.