Drone Footage Captures Shrinking Makeshift Camp at Del Rio Bridge

Drone footage shot on September 23 shows fewer makeshift shelters under the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas compared to previous days, following an acceleration of “removal flights” by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Earthmoving machines can be seen clearing rubbish near scattered shelters. A long ling of state trooper patrol cars, dubbed the “steel wall”, can also be seen at the Del Rio border. A path through the waters of the Rio Grande where migrants had crossed back and forth is also visible.

Citing the Department of Homeland Security, local media reported around 4,000 migrants remained at the camp, down from its peak of nearly 15,000 over the weekend.

The US Special Envoy for Haiti Daniel Foote resigned on Thursday over the US government’s "inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, a country where American officials are confined to secure compounds because of the danger posed by armed gangs to daily life.” Credit: Auden Cabello via Storyful

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