Drone photographer captures a baby manta ray gliding through crystal clear water

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A drone photographer captured baby manta ray gliding through crystal clear water.

This drone footage was taken by Paul Dabill, 46, who spotted the ray as he scanned for marine life.

The ray was swimming along a colour change line in the Atlantic Ocean just off Juno Beach in Florida, USA at about 8.30am.

Jessica Pate, scientist from the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), said: "We see exclusively juveniles in south Florida which is evidence that this is a nursery habitat.  

"Nursery habitats typically are areas where there is abundant food so they grow quickly, or with little predation so they can grow safely.  

"Water temperature is likely also a factor.  However, we don't yet know why exactly they are choosing this area. 

"We do see them feeding, they feed on plankton, yet where not sure what specifically they're feeding on here.  

"We do see some mantas with shark bites, but not very many- however we are only seeing ones that survive shark bites, so the numbers could be higher."

This clip was taken on March 5 2021.