Drug-driver who had cocaine in system caught 'switching lanes' and driving in Newcastle at 'different speeds'

-Credit: (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)
-Credit: (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

A driver who had cocaine and an amphetamine-type drug in his system was caught "switching lanes" and driving at "different speeds", a court heard.

Police concerns were raised when Babak Tehrani was seen behind the wheel of a VW Golf driving along Barras Bridge in Newcastle on January 5 this year. The 42-year-old was seen to be switching lanes and driving at irregular speeds, causing police to pull him over.

When they did, Tehrani admitted that he had cocaine on him, before more drugs were found in his system after blood tests. Tehrani was said to have committed the offences following the breakdown of a relationship.

This week, Tehrani, of Clarewood Green, Newcastle, appeared at Newcastle Magistrates' Court facing three counts related to drug-driving. He pleaded guilty to the offences.

The court heard police became aware of Tehrani's vehicle in the early hours of the morning. Lucy Todd, prosecuting, said: "The driver was constantly switching lanes and driving at different speeds. [Police] caused the vehicle to stop and the defendant stated he had cocaine on his person. A package was given to police."

Tehrani was then taken to a police station where blood tests were carried out. The tests founds that Tehrani had traces of a cocaine breakdown in his system, as well as methylamphetamine - a drug closely related to amphetamines.

Kate Matthews, defending, told the court Tehrani has been "very honest". She said: "His relationship with his partner had broken down. He had an issue with cocaine and didn't believe he was over the limit. The drugs were from the night before."

Ms Matthews added: "He has a clean driving licence and no previous convictions. He is on Universal Credit."

Magistrates adjourned the sentencing so that a pre-sentence report could be prepared. Tehrani will appear back at the court on Friday, July 26 for sentence and was granted unconditional bail. An interim driving ban was also imposed.