Dune TV series adds The Crown actress in character recasting

olivia williams attends the 29th annual screen actors guild awards in a light red dress and shiny purse
Dune TV series adds Crown actress in recastingAmy Sussman - Getty Images

Dune prequel series The Sisterhood has announced who is taking over the roles of Tula Harkonnen and Empress Natalya.

A few months back, the show lost Tula actress Shirley Henderson and director Johan Renck. Game of Thrones star Indira Varma, who was due to play Natalya, is also stepping aside due to scheduling conflicts.

Now The Wrap has reported that The Crown star Olivia Williams will be playing Tula, while The Witcher's Jodhi May has been cast as Natalya. Lou's Anna Foerster will step up as director for a few episodes, including the pilot.

olivia williams attends the 29th annual screen actors guild awards in a light red dress and shiny purse
Amy Sussman - Getty Images

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At the time of Renck's exit from the project, a HBO spokesperson said: "As Dune: The Sisterhood (working title) has entered a pre-scheduled hiatus, there are some creative changes being made to the production in an effort to create the best series possible and stay true to the source material.

"Johan Renck has completed his work on the series and a new director will be brought on; through mutual agreement, Johan is moving on to pursue other projects. Additionally, Shirley Henderson will be exiting the series and will no longer be playing Tula Harkonnen."

It's unknown if production on the prequel series will begin anytime soon, seeing as Hollywood as in the middle of a writers strike, and any show or movie that didn't have a finished script before the strike began can't be worked on.

jodhi may on a red carpet in a black suit
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Things are progressing more smoothly for the second of Denis Villeneuve's Dune movies. A new trailer for the film just released, showcasing some of the new cast members joining the stacked ensemble, including legendary actor and cowbell enthusiast Christopher Walken as the villainous Emperor.

Although no further films have been announced, co-writer Jon Spaihts has teased that there is potential for even more films in the future.

"There are a few tantalizing strands that lead into the future and suggest that we might not be done in this universe," he said.

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