Dust Devil Swirls Through Western Australia Outback

A spectacular dust devil, or “willy willy” as they are locally known, was captured on camera on the outskirts of Derby, a remote town in Kimberley, Western Australia.

Local man Mick Leamy recorded this video of the swirling dust devil on November 3, as he drove home from dropping his father to the pub. He said he recorded the video at the mudflats close to the ocean outside town.

“Bloody hell,” says Leamy in the video as he drives by the sight. Leamy told Storyful that though he’d seen a few dust devils around Australia before, “this was definitely the biggest I’ve seen.”

Leamy added, “I kind of wanted to drive through it but I was in my girlfriend’s car so she would have killed me if the twister didn’t.” Credit: Mick Leamy via Storyful