E4 Married at First Sight Australia's Jack and Tori share relationship milestone

Jack and Tori have moved in together -Credit:Instagram

Married at First Sight Australia couple Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams were one of the most controversial couples to come out of the E4 experiment this year.

Business development manager Tori, 27, stuck by her on-screen husband despite personal trainer Jack, 34, getting a lot of heat from the group and relationship experts. They made it all the way to final vows, where they happily walked away an item.

Viewers of the show were infuriated by some of Jack's behaviour, which included him telling Jono to 'put a muzzle' on his wife Lauren during an explosive dinner party. He also referred to some of his co-stars as 'whales' during the group retreat as they sat by the pool.

But despite their rollercoaster ride on the reality programme, it seems their relationship has defied everyone's odds as the couple shared a huge update. Jack and Tori announced they have moved in together on Australia's Gold Coast, and couldn't be happier.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Jack shared a snippet of some of their memories since filming on the show as he captioned the post: "Sharing life is always better."

jack and tori
Jack and Tori were one of the most controversial couples on the 2024 show -Credit:Channel Nine

Jack inists the couple have never been happier. He told Daily Mail Australia: "We're really good, going from strength to strength. Tori's back at work now... we've been living together for three, four weeks now, we're buying little bits and pieces for the apartment."

The final episode saw the couples reunite for one last session on the couch with the relationship experts. Tori sensationally stormed out after their 'highlights' during the series saw them forced to watch an uncomfortable collection of 'lows'.

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However, the couple appear to be brushing their experience on the show under the carpet as Jack added when speaking to the publication that it was "good riddance" to some of his former co-stars.

Following the dramatic reunion episode, Jack and Tori both took to social media to pen heartfelt tributes to one another. Jack wrote: "Dear wife, you are the most incredible partner I could ever ask for. Your intelligence, your courage, your unconditional loyalty.

"You have supported me in ways that a man could never explain. For this, I thank you, my journey on #MAFS was unforgettable however it's only a chapter out of our 'story of life'. You complete me and I vowed to always protect, respect and take care of you #mybaby you have absolutely won my heart."

Tori penned her own post, as she said: "Jack, our journey was not for the faint of heart. We spent each and every day on what felt like a battlefield. We were alignment from day dot and our unity never wavered. You showed me that the old-school love that I asked for, exists. You treat me with nothing but the utmost love, respect and gratitude. Thank you for making me feel protected, secure and valued.

"Jack, whilst we didn't choose each other in the beginning, I can wholeheartedly say I choose you today and every day thereafter. This experiment is only the beginning of our journey, here's to the next chapter of us #MAFS".

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