MAFS Australia Jack Dunley explains 'wind emoji' meaning after fans were left baffled

Jack sent a questionable text after revealing him and Tori finally slept together -Credit:E4

It has finally been cleared up the coded meaning behind the infamous 'wind emoji' text. Married at First Sight Australia fans were left baffled following the text Jack sent to another groom.

Jack Dunley and his on-screen wife Tori Adams believe they have a 'strong bond' on the E4 experiment, however one thing was missing from their marriage. Despite claiming to feel sexually attracted, they had still not slept together weeks later.

However in a turn of events, the couple finally revealed during the latest dinner party they had 'consummated' their marriage. It followed on from the group taking part in home stays week, which ended with a supposed 'bang' as producers put it.

Breaking the news to his pal on the show, Jack sent fellow groom Ridge a text straight away as 'lads do' they said. However it was what was said following the news which raised some eyebrows.

Jack supposedly sent a 'wind emoji' which left some of the others in the group concerned. "When Jack messaged me, he sent the wind emoji and I wasn't too sure what it meant," Ridge said.

tori and jack
Tori had a grilling during their home stays on the experiment before the couple slept together -Credit:E4

Lauren then suggested it meant "ghost" and concluded that Jack was planning on doing a runner on Tori. She declared: "It was a smoke bomb emoji — like, I'm outta here." She then alternatively suggested it could also mean someone farted.

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Clearing up what he meant by the text, he revealed the emoji's meaning during a chat with 9Entertainment. He said: "We message each other quite a bit, we send emojis, we have a joke all the time," he said about his friendship with Ridge.

"The wind emoji for me was kind of like smoke, like 'damn that was hot', like 'pop off', a bit of smoke, you know," he added. "A bit of relief, a bit of smoke – I didn't know if I was going to send him a flame. It was basically smoke, like 'damn that was hot'."

Elsewhere, Tori had a difficult time during visiting Jack's pals on the Gold Coast. His female clients from his gym where he teaches PT, who he introduced as his friends, gave the bride a grilling on her choice of pals.

One of his friends even suggested it was suspicious that she has so many male friends, saying it "usually means the girl sleeps around with them all." Jack enjoyed 'taking a seat' and letting Tori cop the heat for once, having been slammed throughout the experiment for his controversial comments and behaviour.

He left the group and experts stunned when he told Lauren's husband to "put a muzzle" on his wife. Jack also left Timothy angered when he made a comment during the retreat about people looking like 'whales' beside the pool.

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