You are an eagle-eyed genius if you spot odd number hidden in sea of 383s

Number puzzle.
Can you spot the odd number out? -Credit:Immerse Education

A new brainteaser has challenged those with keen eyesight to spot the odd number out in a sea of the same sequence.

The experts at Immerse Education invites readers to have a go at this baffling brainteaser which challenges you to have good observation skills and spot the hidden number that's different from the rest.

This puzzle is a sea of the number '383' and it's down to you to spot the single '363' that is hiding among the same sequence of numbers.

While this one is difficult, there is a way you can spot the hidden number just by taking each line one at a time and letting your eyes scan them.

Check out the puzzle below:

Number puzzle.
Can you spot the odd number out? -Credit:Immerse Education

This one is pretty tough to solve and it might make your eyes wiggle a little bit - but it is doable.

Remember to take each line one at a time and scan each number as best you can.

If you are still struggling then check the top right hand side of the image - that's all the help we can give you!

Here's the solution below if you think you've found it, or have given up altogether.

Number puzzle.
Did you spot it? -Credit:Immerse Education

Enjoy that one? It was a tough one but we're sure you solved it in no time at all. If you are still looking for some puzzle fun, then why not give some of our other brainteasers a go.

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