Eamonn Holmes admits feeling 'vulnerable' after losing £60k to conman

Eamonn Holmes with wife Ruth Langsford. (PA Images)
Eamonn Holmes with wife Ruth Langsford. (PA Images)

This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has said he has been left feeling ‘vulnerable’ and ‘suspicious of everyone’ after being swindled out of £60,000.

The Irish presenter says he was scammed out of the hefty sum back in 2014 by a conman. He revealed to The Sun that an online scammer had hacked into his bank account and gone on a lavish spending spree.

“The effect it has on you is that it makes you suspicious of everyone and everything and you feel very, very vulnerable.

“We were in Dubai at a Bedouin experience. And the guy said to me, ‘I can’t get a signal on the machine, I have to go to the top of that sand dune to get a signal’. And I thought, ‘That’s where it happened’. But it didn’t happen there,” Holmes told the paper.

He said that the fraudster had purchased a £25,000 fireplace as well as posed as Holmes on several international holidays.

Holmes pictured at the TRIC awards in 2018 (PA Images).
Holmes pictured at the TRIC awards in 2018 (PA Images).

The scammer, revealed to be Jay Cartmill, also targeted Stephen Nolan, and was arrested but did not serve any jail time for his offences. He was instead given a two-year suspended sentence.

“It was the most ridiculous situation but the scandalous thing is that when it went to court the judge said it was a victimless crime because they will say the bank will reimburse me and I could afford it,” Holmes explained.

In a bid to prevent other people from being similarly targeted, Holmes alongside his presenter wife Ruth Langsford explore various scams on their channel 5 show Do the Right Thing with Eamonn and Ruth.

The couple have also returned to regularly presenting This Morning each Sunday. The new addition will provide a round-up of the best segments from the week prior.

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