Eamonn Holmes 'barely eats, sleeps or leaves new home' since Ruth Langsford split

Eamonn Holmes is reportedly finding it difficult to adjust to his new circumstances following the end of his marriage, according to a close friend.

The GB News presenter has been getting used to his new living situation after moving out of the comfortable home he shared with his now estranged wife Ruth Langsford, following their separation last month. It's believed that he's currently residing in a "small flat near a roundabout", from where he's driven to and from the GB News studios in Paddington, West London due to ongoing mobility issues.

Friends who are worried about him say that the 64-year-old is leading a 'pretty solitary existence'. A source told The Daily Mail: "It's all a rather sorry affair.


"It was only a few months ago he was living in his lovely family home with Ruth. Yes, they were troubled, but she was caring for him and he had some kind of normality."

It comes just after Eamonn returned to the spotlight following news of his split with Ruth. Eamonn made his first public appearance at the annual TRIC Awards but denied claims he'd made a dig at Ruth during his speech on stage, the Mirror reports.

Last week, Eamonn took to the stage to accept the accolade and said: "Thank you very much for this award. We were up against world class programmes and that makes it a little bit more special. Sometimes we all think about imposter syndrome."

He added: "I went for an operation a year and a half ago and it went wrong. I got two things in my back that I didn't want."

According to reports, Ruth was said to have been left "hurt" by Eamonn's words - although it was said the broadcaster's "comments had nothing to do with her." A spokesperson for Eamonn told The Mirror: "Eamonn's comments had nothing to do with anything other than the two pins in his back after his surgeries."

During the star-studded bash, Eamonn spoke candidly about his recent split and admitted to struggling with the breakup. He admitted: "I'm not OK. This is not a good time at all," and confessed: "It's too early to say but I hope we can still be friends."

In the weeks following their split announcement, Ruth has continued to wear her sparkling engagement and wedding rings. Last week, she enjoyed an evening out at Giovanni Pernice and Anton du Beke's stage show in London. Invited by her close friend Anton, 57, Ruth beamed as she posed for a photo with him at the end of the night.

Meanwhile, Eamonn has been seeing relationship counsellor Katie Alexander, 42, as he deals with the tough situation in his life, with the pair seemingly growing close. A source told The Mirror that Eamonn's new friend is in it for the long haul. The source close to Katie said: "She is helping Eamonn through the tough times but doesn't want to be seen as a marriage wrecker."

"The friendship has grown in recent months but Eamonn's marriage has been over for some time. She wants to help Eamonn with his situation and their friendship has grown over a period of time. She feels she will be close to him for a long period and is in this for the long haul."