Eamonn Holmes walks off GB News after falling ill live on air

Veteran broadcaster Eamonn Holmes had to abruptly leave mid-show during the live broadcast of his GB News programme after suddenly feeling ill.

Just last week, Eamonn raised alarms when he confessed in an interview with The Mirror that he is on 'borrowed time'.

His sudden absence halfway through a 7:45am chat with Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Mental Health Maria Caulfield caused considerable concern.

During the discussion, Eamonn stayed noticeably silent while co-host Isabel Webster led the conversation with the MP. After his hasty departure from the studio, Isabel carried on solo, hosting their breakfast show by herself for another hour and a half.

This unsettling event occurred hot on the heels of the seasoned presenter's admission at the TRIC Awards that he was "not ok" after his breakup with Ruth Langsford. In a statement regarding this incident, a GB News representative said, "Eamonn had to finish a little earlier today as he was feeling unwell. He hopes to be back tomorrow."

A friend stated that despite his ailing health, Eamonn remained in high spirits when speaking to MailOnline, reports the Mirror.

The 64-year-old presenter has unfortunately been struggling with health issues over recent years. At the TRIC Awards, he unveiled that a surgical procedure he had undergone "went wrong".

Eamonn was forced to walk out of the broadcast
Eamonn was forced to walk out of the broadcast -Credit:NVTV

In his heartfelt speech, he said, "Thank you very much for this award. We were up against world-class programmes and that makes it a little bit more special. Sometimes we all think about imposter syndrome. I went for an operation a year and a half ago and it went wrong. I got two things in my back that I didn't want."

Eamonn Holmes has candidly discussed the mixed reactions he's received for using a mobility scooter due to his health issues. In an interview with Best magazine in September, he revealed: "Some people were mocking me on social media... 'Oh, look at Eamonn, he's in a mobility scooter! ' I replied, saying, 'I would prefer if I wasn't in it but how else would I have got around? ' The alternative is I don't go anywhere, and I sit in my armchair, work in the office. So, I go out... It's mentally uplifting to get out."

Following his split from Ruth Langsford, Eamonn reportedly found solace with a mystery blonde family friend. While Ruth has stepped back from her television duties, Eamonn was back on air shortly after news of their divorce broke.

On a recent show, Eamonn addressed the audience regarding his separation from Ruth, expressing gratitude for the public's support: "So here we are on this Tuesday morning and a lot of politics. Just before we move on I would just like to thank people for your support for Ruth and I over the last few days as to the news of our separation. Your support for both of us is very much appreciated."

This statement came after he had made an enigmatic remark about the past weekend.

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