East Midlands beach ranked among the very best in the UK

A view of Rutland Water from Rutland Hall Hotel and Spa
-Credit: (Image: Rutland Hall Hotel and Spa)

A total of 74 locations have been honoured with the esteemed Blue Flag awards this year. Blue Flag is a globally recognised accolade given to well-maintained beaches boasting excellent water quality. This award signifies to visitors that they are at a clean, safe beach.

Each year, Keep Britain Tidy reveals the English winners, and in 2024, they have bestowed the prestigious award upon 72 beaches, along with two inland bathing spots.

The Royal Albert Dock and Salthouse Dock Marina in Liverpool have received a Blue Flag this year, as has Rutland Water in the East Midlands.

Our interactive map can be used to locate the nearest award-winning spots near you, or to check if the beach you're planning to visit has won the award.

Half of this year's recipients are located in the South West, with 37 Blue Flags awarded to the region's beaches. The East of England follows with 13 flags. Next is the South East with 11, the North East with five, the East Midlands with four, and Yorkshire & Humber with three.

The docks in Liverpool are the only location in the North West of England to secure a Blue Flag. None of the region's beaches were granted the award.