EastEnders' Magic Marv stole the show tonight

Megan Davies
Photo credit: BBC

From Digital Spy

EastEnders viewers were treated to something a little bit different tonight (February 20) as the latest twist in Martin and Stacey's relationship breakdown was overshadowed by none other than a children's entertainer known as Magic Marv.

Fans knew that this episode was going to see Martin decide he wanted a divorce – but before we hit that point, Martin wanted to spend the day as a family, which meant that Stacey, Martin and the children headed down to the Walford Community Centre to watch a show by Magic Marv.

Things went from bad to worse for Martin when, first, the entertainer managed to offend everyone, and then when he learnt that Stacey had invited Kush to join them too.

Photo credit: BBC

Angry, Martin ended up getting into an argument with Magic Marv and stormed off from the Centre – but not before he, Vincent and Kush got a chance to perform their own renditions of 'Music Man' – and it looks like there's no coming back for Stacey and Martin as a couple.

Not that viewers mind so much right now, of course – they're too busy getting distracted by all that Magic Marv stuff: