EastEnders' Callum makes a disturbing discovery about Jack

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

Callum Highway has warned Jack Branning over their ongoing criminal investigation in EastEnders.

The situation came to a head in Wednesday's (March 22) episode, as Jack relentlessly focused on the case against Ravi while his rival was busy trying to woo Chelsea.

Denise tried to convince Chelsea to come to game night at the Brannings' instead, yet was left furious once Ravi invited himself as Chelsea's guest.

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Denise continued trying to warn off Chelsea without directly confessing her own near-affair with Ravi, explaining that her daughter didn't know what the charmer is actually like.

Chelsea insisted she knew what she was getting into with Ravi, forcing Denise to make up a story about how he'd dropped one of her customers for Chelsea earlier this year.

"She was married. She's not proud of herself, he's wooed her, he's flattered her, he's burrowed under her skin and, from the sounds of things, he's pretty good at it too," she told Chelsea.

"Anyway, she's had some sort of crisis of conscience and she's called it off. That's when he turned nasty, and I mean really, really nasty."

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Her words seemingly got through to Chelsea, as she gave Ravi the cold shoulder once he returned.

Meanwhile, Callum turned up to give Jack an update on a case when he spotted Ravi in the house. Callum questioned why Ravi would be spending time with the Brannings since he's one of the Walford PD's "primary leads" in a criminal investigation.

"Do you know how seriously this could compromise the case?" an incredulous Callum asked.

Jack then warned: "Watch it, Callum."

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Later, Jack met up with Callum at the Vic, where he promised not to let Ravi in the house anymore. Callum was gravely concerned as he theorised that Ravi must be onto their investigation.

"Him and Chelsea are new, yeah? Then all [criminal] activity stops," Callum pointed out.

Callum warned Jack to stand down from the investigation, but Jack convinced his colleague to give him 24 hours to dig up the dirt they needed.

Will Callum turn in his boss?

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