EastEnders Chrissie Watts' return storyline 'exposed' as fans 'work out' Watts twist

Tracy-Ann Oberman
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EastEnders fans have figured out why Chrissie Watts is making her way back to Walford after a lengthy absence.

It's been nearly two decades since Chrissie Watts, portrayed by Tracy-Ann Oberman, graced the streets of Walford, and now she's set for an unexpected return to the East End. The formidable character was a staple on the BBC One soap from 2004 to 2005, leaving an indelible mark on Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

As Dirty Den's (Leslie Grantham) other half, Chrissie quickly became a hit with viewers, featuring in 218 episodes. Her time on Albert Square saw her as the Queen Vic's landlady, embroiled in a host of dramatic plots yet it's her role in the demise of husband Den that fans recall vividly.

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The former Walford resident has been seen in Albert Square for almost two decades -Credit:BBC

The trio of Chrissie, Sam Mitchell, and Zoe Slater confronted the villainous Den, culminating in his grisly end. The episode drew in a staggering 14.34 million viewers, capturing "almost 60% of possible viewers" who watched Chrissie bring down Den.

Chrissie's chapter in the Square concluded in 2005 when she was incarcerated for the murder of Den. Fast forward 19 years, and the legendary soap figure is slated to make a comeback to Walford for a brief spell later this year, reports the Daily Star.

But before her anticipated return, avid EastEnders watchers have been busy theorising about her reasons for revisiting a place she loathed, with a popular theory suggesting she has a child with Den potentially Sharon's adoptive sibling.

Sharon herself was adopted by Den and Angie Watts (Anita Dobson), and she went on to marry Den's biological son, Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman).

The blonde bombshell later discovered her real father was the notorious Gavin Sullivan (played by Paul Nicholas), and she also found out about a biological brother, Zack Hudson (portrayed by James Farrar).

Fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to express their excitement and theories. One eager viewer posted: "If Chrissie does return I need her to have den's long lost son arrive as well. I need Sharon to have as many siblings as humanly possible #EastEnders."

Another chimed in with: "I want Chrissie to return with another new Watts - a 20 year old son that no one knew about. #EastEnders". Meanwhile, a third speculated: "Will she have Dirty Den's kid in tow? ? ."

One fan pondered the possibilities, saying: "If and that's a big if Chrissie is returning, if she did have any children, it would most likely be Jake Moon's (Alfie's cousin - who was assumed dead via Johnny Allen's gang) could return back from the dead as it was never confirmed if he was dead. #Eastenders".

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