EastEnders' Davood Ghadami explains why Kush hands himself in to the police

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Kush Kazemi has been battling to keep his head above water for some time now, having recently succumbed to his gambling addiction again before getting involved in a dodgy robbery job with the Mitchells.

Kush (Davood Ghadami) decided last week that his only option was to run away with partner Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) but the pair will make a covert return next week in an attempt to secure some cash to fund their new life away from the Square.

Kat will be in for another shock when a torn Kush decides to hand himself in to the police and accept his punishment rather than keep running from his mistakes, and the actor has explained just why Kush becomes so determined to give himself up.

Photo credit: Jack Barnes - BBC
Photo credit: Jack Barnes - BBC

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"I think Kush would rather serve his time and still see his son (Arthur) than to be on the run for the rest of his life," he said. "When it comes to it, he has a lot of love for his boy and I don't think he wants to miss seeing him grow up.

"As much as he loves Kat and Kat's boys, Arthur is his flesh and blood. In the end he decides the only thing to do is to hand himself in."

Ghadami added that Kush is currently feeling as if running away is his "only option" because he doesn't feel able to "fight back", but revealed that his character will soon change his mind when the reality of a life constantly on the run and never seeing his son starts to hit him.

"The big thing restricting them is the lack of money," the actor said. "But also he has the emotional pull of his boy. I think that's a massive pull for him as well. And it's interesting to see how he responds to that.

Photo credit: Jack Barnes - BBC
Photo credit: Jack Barnes - BBC

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"The potential of having to say goodbye to his son for a very long period of time. It's whether the financial gain will outweigh that. Ultimately Kush is a good guy so I don't think it can."

Of course if Kush is sent to prison there's a chance that he could lose Kat for good, with Ghadami explaining that Kush faces "a really difficult balancing act" when it comes to doing what's right for the people he loves most.

"I think Kush is really caught between a rock and a hard place," he said. "If he doesn't hand himself in, he's running away for the rest of his life and not seeing his boy. And he's being chased; potentially not only by the police but by the Mitchells too.

"And on the flip side of things, if he does hand himself in he risks all sorts of things. He risks a long time without seeing his son and also a long time without seeing the person that he loves, which is Kat.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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"And he's worried about how she's going to deal with it all. How she's going to be dealt with by the Mitchells around the corner."

Despite his dilemma, Ghadami reckons that Kush knows that handing himself in is the best option in the long-run, as it gives him an opportunity to "clean the slate".

"Hopefully he'll clean up his act a little bit and not relapse into the gambling," the actor said. "Maybe find his feet again. Be a bit more like the Kush we knew when we first met him."

With actor Ghadami confirmed to be leaving the soap in 2021, things aren't looking too good for Kush...

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights on BBC One.

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