'EastEnders' star Emma Barton 'cringes' when she watches back her first episode

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EastEnders star Emma Barton in an episode in autumn 2021(BBC) (BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Eastenders actor Emma Barton says watching back her first appearance on the soap now she cringes because she was 'too musical theatre' in one of her first TV roles.

She also called appearing alongside soap stars such as Steve McFadden, Barbara Windsor, Wendy Richard 'pretty damn special' as she looked back on her time on the show on White Wine Question Time.

Barton, who has played Honey Mitchell on the BBC soap on and off since 2005, told host Kate Thornton she would like to play the day she started 'on a loop forever' if she could.

"I remember I hadn't really done any TV, and I was standing in front of the cameras. I was so 'big'. I was so like a total musical theatre face and I cringe when I watch it back now," the 44-year-old said.

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Saying all her facial expressions were just too 'theatre', because she had been used to exaggerating her them onstage so people in seats further away could see, she told Thornton she 'didn't have a clue' on that first day.

"You don't need to necessarily do that when there's a camera right in your face," she explained.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - JANUARY 15: Graziano Di Prima and Emma Barton during the Strictly Come Dancing Arena Tour 2020 photocall at Arena Birmingham on January 15, 2020 in Birmingham, England.  (Photo by Katja Ogrin/Redferns)
Graziano Di Prima and Emma Barton during the Strictly Come Dancing Arena Tour 2020 photocall. (Katja Ogrin/Redferns) (Katja Ogrin via Getty Images)

She appeared alongside characters such as Pauline Fowler, played by Wendy Richard, Peggy Mitchell, played by the late Dame Barbara Windsor and Pat Butcher, played by Pam St Clement and described Perry Fenwick, who plays Billy Mitchell, as being 'her rock' on the job.

"Back in 2005, we had Wendy Richard, Barbara Windsor, Pam St Clement, all those wonderful, iconic legends in that scene on that day and so that was pretty damn special," she said.

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But she also admitted being nervous, with a first scene that included ordering a drink from Steve McFadden, who plays Phil Mitchell in the soap.

"Talk about poo your pants," she said. "Poo your pants. It couldn't be like a first day just maybe opening a car door.

"No, I was walking through the Queen Vic pub doors and going straight up to Steve McFadden. And asking for an orange juice and thinking: 'Oh my God, I hope he's nice because he's really scary on the television.'"

Eastenders actors Ross Kemp, Dame Barbara Windsor and Steve McFadden outside the famous Queen Vic pub. (PA)

She described him as 'lovely, obviously' and had positive things to say about other cast members too, adding: "Thank god Perry was there to hold my hand, and has never let it go."

Thornton talked about growing up watching shows like Top of the Pops in her case and then suddenly being on them in moments that she described as 'so sensory'.

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Barton agreed, saying she still felt that way now when waiting around on set for final lighting tweaks or similar.

She said: "And you just go: 'Oh, isn't it really weird? I'm stood here, right outside the Queen Vic by the laundrette where June Brown would just stand there, smoking her fags as Dot Cotton, which I would watch.

"It's just mental, it's crazy."

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